Reconditioning Process

Our reconditioning process starts with stripping all the paint on the bumper cover to its plastic core.

We repair any cracks and tears with our proprietary plastic welding process.

We take it several steps further than our competition by sanding your bumper cover and removing any imperfections.

Also unlike our competition, we prime your bumper cover so that all you have to do is paint.

We perform numerous quality checks during our recondition process and before we ship.  Our standards meet and exceed our insurance company client’s specific standards.



It takes less energy, resources and the elimination of harsh chemicals to recondition an OEM bumper cover as compared to  manufacturing and purchasing of a new one.  Plus, a reconditioned OEM bumper cover is an inexpensive alternative.  For the fraction of the cost, you will receive a fully functional, totally reconditioned and Insurance Grade© Quality OEM Bumper Cover, as if it rolled off the showroom floor.  With all that, why would you not Go Green?

Reduce your carbon footprint and keep more green in your pocket

Find out how much you can save by purchasing a fully reconditioned OEM Bumper Cover from Bumper Central™.  Check out our extensive inventory to find the right bumper cover for your vehicle.  You will save 40-60% off retail and dealership prices!

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